Managed Cloud Computing

What is cloud computing?

Cloud computing is the new model for IT service delivery.  

The Processing, storage, networking and relevant applications are accessed as services over secure network systems. Organisations can use and operate its IT as an essential day to day business tool but only pay for the resources they use. For organisations looking to transform the way they provide IT services to their users, the cloud presents an exciting opportunity with many options for them to be more responsive, effective and efficient for their customers.

Stepping into the cloud

The essence of cloud computing is its flexibility. It doesn’t have to be an all-or-nothing proposition. Initially it may be more effective to keep certain services that are familiar on-site, and introducing new applications as required. By looking at your business strategy and measuring potential ROI, we at Quest can recommend the best options for your transition to the cloud.  Cloud computing also plays a key role in delivering shared services, with systems that can be linked together to provide a more efficient IT platform.

For organisations looking to balance savings with the on-going provision and quality of priority services, our managed services provide for assured and efficient service delivery, with reduced ownership cost and risk. Importantly, whether providing applications via the cloud for a few or many customers – from local authorities to large banks – or delivering outsourced educational programmes in the UK and, or  internationally, we can provide a reliable and robust critical resource solution.

Key Points to Consider are:

  • Reduce capital expenditure and eliminate unpredictable costs
  • Improve operations through efficient processes and reduced cost of ownership
  • Minimise risk and ensure delivery of a consistent service
  • Remove the need for day - to - day management of infrastructure promoting more efficient and effective use of technical staff
  • Have the flexibility to scale up or down as your organisations’ needs change, for maximum cost - benefit
  • Access cost - effective, best - of - breed technology while removing the need for up front capital investment and its related risk
  • More sustainable infrastructure to meet carbon - neutral objectives.

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