Managed Cloud Content Delivery Platform

HyperCollaborator is a bespoke content delivery platform comprising of a large array of customisable modules that have been developed and put through the test of time in the field.

Hyper Collaborator is a platform where information can be shared, data can be collated and users can integrate and communicate in real-time to form an infrastructure on which you can develop, publicise and promote your organisation upon.

Consolidate all of organisations information onto one, centralized media platform, eliminating the need for various and costly outlets to present identical information. The centralized system also allows seamless communication between all levels of users and its unified nature saves costs of manual paperwork whilst removing potential for errors.

Hyper Collaborator has been developed as a fully integrated and customisable platform to represent organisations, promote awareness and provide information in the most efficient and effective manner.

Organisations not only rely but depend on the ability to share information and be transparent to those associated and members. Through this need its apparent that a ‘common website’ is a thing of the past and is fast becoming redundant, as it doesn't answer the immediate requirements of an interactive and information sharing community or industry. This is where Hyper Collaborator demonstrates its relevance and importance to the modern arena, by being a cost effective and versatile 'Web based Solution' that provides a fluid and live portal where users and members can share information and interact at ease in an attractive and inviting environment.

As with all organisations, time and money is a valuable commodity that is always on the highest agenda on how best utilised. With this in mind, Hyper Collaborator has been designed with a unique ‘multi levelled’ and fully functioning back office system. It offers freedom to the organisation to relieve the pressures, costs and managing of all the data submitted and revised.

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